Nathalia Carmen


I don’t need you, but I want you 

I don’t mean to, but I love you 

I watched jheneaiko perform this live today. Ive never connected with an artists music as I have with hers. Her words hit me in so many ways. 
When I watched her today, I got the chills. But when she performed this song, I couldn’t help but start to cry. This song really explains everything.
Accessories are everything to me
Souled Out 💛🎶 (at Amoeba Music)
My baby love 👼🎀💞

U2 Songs of Innocence
This is what goes on in our iMessages at 3 am youmeandfivebucks


frankocean I just found out one of my high school classmates is your barber

like. I CHOSE THE WRONG CAREER. I knew college was not the way. 

frankocean wait he just started following me on Instagram. I’m one step closer to meeting you bb. Wait for me.